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Loving my new lipsticks by Milani. Rose Femme (L) and Black Cherry (R).

I also bought my very first, yes first, lip pencil by Rimmel in the shade 064 Obsession.

Swatches: Rose Femme (L), Obsession (C), and Black Cherry (R).

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Animal Testing

In light of my recent discovery that Revlon uses Squalene (oil derived from sharks liver) in a couple of their lip products I’ve decided to do some in depth research. I have found two websites that provide a list of brands that DO NOT test on animals, a list of brands that DO test on animals, and a 3rd list which indicates brands whose animal testing status in unknown.

*There are a couple of discrepancies between the lists. For example Sally Hansen is on the DO NOT test list on one site but on the DOES test on the other.ย 

On both sites I read that Revlon is a company that does not test on animals. Although they may not test on animals their products contain animal ingredients such as Squalene.ย 

I was surprised by the brands on the list that DO test on animals and must admit that I have own several products currently. Does that mean I support animal testing? What kind of animals are tested on?

Isabel’s Beauty Blog gave me a more in depth answer as to which animals are tested on and it ranges from “dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, primates, hamsters, pigs, ferrets, frogs, fish, guinea pigs, sheep, birds, and other animals.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading! As I read the list Iย became more and more disappointed not only with myself for supporting such brands, accidentally, but very much disappointed with the brands.ย 

I’m not sure why some brands made the ‘Do Not Test’ list if their products include animal ingredients. I shall continue my research further.

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