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I used Aveeno daily moisturizer for awhile before I decided to try something new. My #1 must have in a moisturizer is spf15 or higher which both contain. Let’s do this…

Aveeno is oil free and improves tone, texture, brown spots, dullness and blotchiness. It’s also noncomedogenic which is a fancy word for doesn’t clog pores. It’s definitely a thicker formula then Simple but it’s also for deep hydration… DEEP HYDRATION! Available at drugstores 4 floz for $14.99

Simple is literally that… simple. It only contains three ingredients, none of which I can pronounce lol. It too is hypo-allergenic, oil free, and is a lighter formula. It does have a sunscreen smell when first applied but it goes away after it’s been absorbed. Available at drugstores 4.2 fl oz $12

All in all both are great, not too expensive, and they protect my skin. Yay!

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